Direct mail advertising in NH from Community ValuesAdvertising and marketing are, perhaps, the most effective weapons a small business can have with regard to being successful. The major mistake made by those businesses that fail is that they have no strategy with regard to marketing and advertising. Small business advertising is, quite literally, the key to the very survival of your business.

  • The most immediate thing you will need is a plan. Never mind what your kindly old aunt thinks you should do. You know your business. You know your strengths. All you have to do is focus your strengths and get potential customers to see them as advantageous to them.
  • You will, of course, have competitors regardless of the business you are in. The mission of your marketing and advertising is to position and separate yourself from your competitors. Show your potential customer how you are different from your competitors. Show them why they should choose you over them.
  • You must attack your market on every level you can from direct advertising to online strategies. There must be cohesiveness with regard to the overall vision and mission. You cannot treat your advertising and marketing campaigns with separate ROI expectations. You must integrate each campaign and each platform. They must all accomplish the same thing and that is to drive potential customers into your establishment or to your website. Direct advertising will reach a certain segment and demographic while your online campaigns may target another segment. Each campaign must be designed to motivate the particular demographic you are targeting.
  • You must remain customer centric in your efforts. It is always about the customer and their needs. Understand your product or service and try and understand how your customers put them to use. Why do they buy from you? Reinforce those things and watch your ROI soar.
  • Finally you need to test in an effort to determine your most reliable methods of attracting new business. What may work for you online may not necessarily work for you in a direct advertising campaign. It is experimental much of the time until you find that success formula.

Direct advertising can be an initial way for you to test the waters. It can offer you the reach you might be looking for at an affordable cost. Remember, you may have the best product or service in the world but if nobody knows about it, you might as well just go and get a job.

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