Direct mail advertising in NH from Community ValuesFor your overall marketing and advertising strategy to be effective for you in the long term, you must engage your customers and clients and work toward establishing an actual relationship. Today’s lifestyles are harried and often devoid of real personal contact. It seems as if everything is email, texting, and Facebook. Where you will have the edge on your rivals will be in your engagement level be it customer service, your social media platforms, or your direct mail campaigns.

  • If you are a one man or one woman band, you must get out into the community and work the room as they say. Staying isolated from your clients and potential clients will not be helpful to your bottom line. People want to see a face and a real person behind a company. As the old adage goes, people like doing business with people they like. Join your local chamber and attend community events in your region as well as trade shows and business expos. This is where your potential business is so this is where you must be.
  • If you have a brick and mortar location, don’t be afraid to let people know the people that work for you. You took these employees on, and have retained them, because there are good and are making the buying experience pleasurable for your customers. Again, the more they know you, the more comfortable they will feel with you. You might even incorporate this strategy into your direct mail and online advertising and marketing, also.
  • Always be there for them. In all of your direct mail pieces as well as on your site and social media pages, make sure they can get a hold of you. Be proactive in your contact. Go after them and strike a chord. It’s all about engagement. It’s all about just having a conversation with a new friend.

Keep the lines of communication open and make your communication, even in your direct mail pieces, come off as an engaging conversation. Knowing your customers is the key to your long term stability. Better yet, allowing them to know you and your team is an even surer bet that your business will separate itself from your competitors and will stay around for a very long time to come.

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