Direct mail advertising in NH from Community ValuesWhen you’re running a small business or pursuing your entrepreneurial endeavor, it can be easy to become isolated. Long work days overseeing the business, your direct advertising and other marketing efforts as well as your employees leaves little time to socialize or expand out from your little chunk of the commerce world.

  • Forging close and strong business alliances with compatible local businesses has shown that it just makes everyone stronger and helps build a sense of community among business owners as well as the public.
  • By joining with other complimentary businesses, you can get the combined power and reach of everyone. In addition to combining direct advertising and marketing strategies, you get access to their customers and clients as well as showing strong support for the local community at large.
  • The basic idea of this sharing alliance is that everyone joins together to boost everyone else. Everyone takes the time to chat up their customers about what another local business has going on. By joining with local compatible businesses, you get a further outreach into the community and to forge relationships with certain customer bases you may not be reaching with your regular direct advertising, social media, or marketing strategies.
  • Businesses also get to share social media data and email lists to be used in cross promotions. Combine with other businesses at community events or trade shows and business expos. You can save money yet bring added value to present and potential customers. If you are retail, chat those others up at your checkout and train your cashiers to do so, also.
  • Sharing customer data and contact information can greatly boost everyone’s bottom line. While there is generally about a 2%-3% rate of customer overlap, that leaves everyone a huge opportunity to attract new customers. In addition, those customers are already feeling favorable toward you because of your alliance with their regular merchant or service provider.

Joining forces with other local businesses can be a boon for everyone. There is so much to do including sharing a page in your direct advertising campaign and offering complimentary coupons and special discounts. Staying local will only make everyone that much stronger.

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