Direct mail in NH from Community ValuesNot all of your marketing efforts will be online efforts. Much of your ongoing advertising and marketing strategies will include everything from direct mail marketing to local shoppers. Getting a handle on what is working and what is not working is one of the most important things you can be doing for your business. Measuring the success of each marketing effort can mean the difference between being successful and just surviving.

  • One way to effectively test your direct mail marketing and print efforts is to establish separate online landing pages for each of those advertising outlets. Using coupons and discounts is a great way to drive traffic and measure the results of a specific campaign. Even if your customers forgo going online and just come into your store, they will have that coupon or discount in hand so you can take note of where it came from.
  • You can, also, send them to a separate landing page so as to register for a particular coupon or discount. Again, set up separate landing pages for each advertising outlet. You can incorporate those landing pages right into your present site. No need to go out and spend money on new domains.
  • A basic rule of thumb for expected ROI on any advertising or marketing campaign is in the 2%-3% ball park. Unfortunately, most small business owners think that they can run a tiny 1×1 ad in their local direct mail shopper and that their phone will just ring off the hook in a few days. It’s always a numbers and consistency game and, in reality, 2%-3% is actually a pretty good ROI.
  • Tracking your incoming calls on a particular campaign can be effective if you are using a call tracking system. This will enable you to get an accurate measurement with regard to your costs per call as well as your cost per sale. Again, this will give you an accurate ROI with regard to individual campaigns be they direct mail marketing campaigns, print ads, or radio spots.
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