Coupons in NH from Community ValuesLead generation is a major focus for every small business and entrepreneur. There are those among us who think they need to attack the entire world in order to generate enough leads that may turn into conversions. Trying to expand your reach nationally, or even globally, is a noble aspiration, but staying local just may be the most effective way to generate new leads and potential sales.

  • Capturing leads that can be generated into long term customers is the challenge. The most effective way to capture potential new customers is through discounts, coupons and special offerings. Regardless of what your business is, these strategies work especially if you can tie those in with your direct advertising strategies. When they come in, train your people to ask the right questions. Get these leads to tell you more about their needs and what they want. Show them how you are the one that will be able to deliver what they want.
  • Creating alliances with other local businesses that can compliment what you do will prove invaluable in the long run. The potential to share customer bases and to combine forces to offer customers or clients a whole new perspective and opportunity will be strong. It, also, creates a strong sense of community that will be rewarded by your local customer base.
  • Your direct advertising methods and strategies will drive home the need for the community to stay local and buy local. Engaging with the community, developing bonds with them, is what will keep them loyal even if they can get a product cheaper at one of your larger national rivals.
  • Referrals can play a huge part in your lead generation strategy. It starts with your regular, loyal customers and clients. It is, also, essential that your staff is trained to approach new customers to ensure that they have a great experience and if they might be willing to refer you to their social network. Offer some manner of incentive or reward for the referral. Also, integrate the reward system into your marketing and direct advertising strategies.
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