Direct mail advertising in NH from Community ValuesWhen it comes to any direct mail advertising piece, one of the most determining factors with regard to whether or not it will be seen and read is your headline. You can get a handle on what works simply by going through various news and advertising headlines for yourself. What made you stop and take the time to read the ad or the article?

  • Quite often, readers won’t even get to an ad or an article. They will, simply read the headline. This is where you must grab them and lure them in. Even if they don’t read any further you will at least informed them sufficiently with your headline. Careful planning and choosing the right words will make your direct mail advertising the most effective it can be.
  • Keep your headline simple and get right to the point. Let them know why they need to buy from you and why they might want to read further. A simple and immediate “50% off everything in the store” or “Free premium payment with every policy” should do the proverbial trick.
  • Another attention grabbing headline you may use in your direct mail advertising is one that makes a simple and attention grabbing statement. Tell them how you will improve their lives immediately. Tell them how they will save money immediately. Simply stating that “we are the fastest” or “feel better now” should help draw them in and drive traffic.
  • You can, also, use a traditional news related headline or the question headline. The news headline will resemble a headline you would see at a news site or magazine. The question headline is, perhaps, the most effective one you can use. It will make your audience curious to know more.

A headline that grabs them right away and forces them to want to learn more about your product or service is the most effective way to get the most from your direct mail advertising.

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