Direct advertising remains an effective way to grow

By Community Values / August 18, 2014 / Community Values / No Comments

Direct advertising and marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. There are, however, certain businesses that will thrive using this method more than others, but for most, even in the era of extremely high tech, direct advertising continues to be an effective outreach for new business. The most […]

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How can you keep your cash flow flowing?

By Community Values / August 8, 2014 / Community Values / No Comments

The most vital link in the success of any small business is cash flow. Cash flow management is an art that every small business owner must master if their business is to survive. So, how do you keep the cash flowing so that your business will grow and thrive? You must have a cash flow […]

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Strategies for success in your service business

By Community Values / July 14, 2014 / Community Values, Business Success / No Comments

A service business can be one of the most challenging of small business ventures. Aside from investing in your advertising and marketing, there are additional factors involved in making your service business a success. Unlike a small business that is selling a particular product, you are selling something that is less tangible, less readily seen […]

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