Mixing up your ads will increase your effectiveness

By Community Values / November 21, 2014 / Community Values / No Comments

Using direct mail advertising as an integral part of your marketing and advertising strategy takes some diligence and planning. You want to reach those potential customers and clients you need to reach in your demographic but you also need to shake things up sometimes. Using different styles and approaches to your direct mail advertising will […]

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Your marketing must be all about the relationship

By Community Values / October 30, 2014 / Community Values / No Comments

For your overall marketing and advertising strategy to be effective for you in the long term, you must engage your customers and clients and work toward establishing an actual relationship. Today’s lifestyles are harried and often devoid of real personal contact. It seems as if everything is email, texting, and Facebook. Where you will have […]

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Generating leads from right where you are

By Community Values / October 10, 2014 / Community Values / No Comments

Lead generation is a major focus for every small business and entrepreneur. There are those among us who think they need to attack the entire world in order to generate enough leads that may turn into conversions. Trying to expand your reach nationally, or even globally, is a noble aspiration, but staying local just may […]

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Local business alliances make everyone more formidable

By Community Values / September 22, 2014 / Community Values / No Comments

When you’re running a small business or pursuing your entrepreneurial endeavor, it can be easy to become isolated. Long work days overseeing the business, your direct advertising and other marketing efforts as well as your employees leaves little time to socialize or expand out from your little chunk of the commerce world. Forging close and […]

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Need a stronger ROI on your advertising?

By Community Values / September 2, 2014 / Community Values / No Comments

Advertising and marketing are, perhaps, the most effective weapons a small business can have with regard to being successful. The major mistake made by those businesses that fail is that they have no strategy with regard to marketing and advertising. Small business advertising is, quite literally, the key to the very survival of your business. […]

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