Advertising works. It always has worked. It always will work. Anyone who tells you that it is a waste of time and money doesn’t really understand how advertising works. Whether you are putting together a print and direct mail marketing campaign or an online PPC effort, the rules of advertising will always apply.

  • Many small businesses fail because they don’t set a part of their budget aside for advertising. An ad budget is great but if you don’t know what advertising is and what it’s suppose to do for you, then you are just flushing all of that money.
  • Consistency and repetition are the two most important ingredients in your advertising strategy. Consistency and repetition build brand awareness over time which builds name recognition which builds trust. People are far more likely to do business with someone they have heard of than someone they have not.
  • Hammer home that same message all of the time while under promising and over delivering. Test everything you do. See what strategies are driving traffic and building brand awareness and which ones aren’t. Constantly be testing new approaches until you hit on one or two that are driving that traffic and boosting your conversions.
  • Believe it or not, many small business ads and direct marketing campaigns fail to provide immediate contact information. It must be there and you must be easy to reach at all times. If not, they will simply move on to one of your competitors. Consumers today expect an immediate response and if you can’t give it to them, they will find somebody who will.
  • Remember that you need to make sure the customer understands why they need you. How are you going to make them feel better of solve a problem they have? They are less interested in you telling them how wonderful your product or service is and more interested in what’s in it for them.
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